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Still doing Annual Performance Reviews? It is time to align HR Process with DevOps & Agile!

Posted 6/11/2018

DevOps uses concepts of Self-organizing and Cross Functional teams; iterations and sprints methods from Agile and Lean. Our goals are to have a ‘high-trust’ and collaborative team which operates as one unit and can deliver features in sprints which should not be longer than a 30 days. We want the teams to decide on what goes into every Sprint. We train leaders to nurture ‘whole-team’ commitment and foster ‘team-learning’ in order to shift from highly specialized and silo culture that we have adopted over the years. So we have achieved all this but left out HR processes! We still do an annual performance based on individual achievements! It is time to align HR processes and train HR staff on DevOps. Every sprint or any other delivery intervals you decide on, HR should be part of it.

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